The Seattle-based Brazilian artist has succeeded with his 2021 new single ”Illegal Alien” that, even though is not his first song, it is the first one into a new storyline full of possibilities that he is preparing for his fans.

Illegal Alien is a beautiful and bright as his soul, it made us feel alive, like a journey along an inner passion we didn’t know we had. Is time for us to share a bit more about him and how great it was listening to his sound accompanied by a high quality professional Music Video that left us speechless.

Clearly a great song that will define a long and wonderful career

We’ve listened to expressive music along the years and when songwriting meets feelings, we have to share it with all of you! In this case echolily is that artist for us. Clearly we are not along on this as the song has over 58k Views on Youtube and rising daily!

The message full of psychological and oneiric exploration and clarity swings from an honest core. If there is any thin line between success and fits of ecstasy, then this song is able to bring you to that place.

This new mix of genres is fluid and leads to a detailed fusion with a personal touch and definitely it’s working as she is getting a worldwide audience and has the power to inspire younger generations. We’re sure Leo Furtado can achieve that!

This new song brings us to that place his dreams are bringing him too, achieving a unique product that we can’t wait to experience to an infinite deeper extent of it.