One thing we love about Lazy-C is how original his titles and music are. We’ve been seeing him getting into many blogs, getting his music out via Soundcloud, Spotify… and growing hit by hit but this time we’re shocked by this new EP release!

”FLOW LIKE A DRAGON” moves beyond everything. Songs like LEEP 2 HEAVEN passed to be our top song from this EP and we’re here to tell you more about it!

The Sweden-born artist has made his audience use to high quality music, music that stays in our ears. Catchy melodies, well crafted verses and a perfect Flow that makes his so unique.
Now that this new 6 Tracks fully in English are out, his old-school influence can shine upon us.

Now, what’s the top son “LEEP 2 HEAVEN” about? We asked the artist:
This track is about the struggle of wanting to visit / meeting someone that’s passed. Åka commit suicide to be with the loved one again. What are the rules when doing do so?

We admire that he puts a comic twist on his own problems and issues, he makes his music relatable and delivers a deeper message with each intrigued rhyme scheme. We’re of course, in front of a big artists with a bright future ahead.