When it comes to songwriting, composing and creating great music, Kärdo excels whereas others failed. This time he teamed up with Gerard Roig to create another hit that moves beyond the pandemic.

”Running Faster” was and still is one of the hits that moved him to the top of our playlists, to a position as one of the most talented Electronic producers we’ve heard, now, ”Piece of You” elevates it to another level.

This all comes together as an easy-listening track, festival’s perfect choice, a great motivational song that has all the capabilities to succeed, so much, that in few days already got thousands of streams on Spotify!

Once the song begins, it feels like a trip to the afterlife, to the unknown. The rhythmic patterns and the flow of ”Piece Of You” is just mesmerising to say the least. It’s so refreshing listening to music from new and inspiring artists and discovering that it has a powerful effect on us! They know how to get their sound out to their audiences and this is proof of it!

The song, starting in a thundering ethereal vibe keeps evolving along the video as the voice hits in, creating a perfect mix that can’t be avoided, it must be follow until the end of the song and then hit repeat to enjoy it once again. The visual design as the cover pic goes beyond our imagination to hit into the right categories as unique and abstract. This is a clear master craft.

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