It is a new week, new opportunities for making your life better and for us, new music day! We’re quite excited about this release! Let us tell you all about it:

”Generation Mittlefinger” feat LyA is out now and we not only love the name, we love the entire song and video! His voice is unique to say the least, is dark, evolved, special, deep and has touches of Metal influences applied to his genre creating a unique blend that characterises him and makes this single so incredible!

But who is Juel?

Juel discovered his passion for writing his own music lyrics at a young age. He started with simple rhymes, which he wrote by hand on the back of his school notebook and then recorded using the memo function of the first generation of smartphones. Then shared them among friends and family and the resulting response showed him his talent. Stage experience from the earlier collaboration with the label WAIA – Records (GR) , as well as many other feature songs could be recorded. This resulted in, among other things, the first double album “Blackbook Tape” under the name Illzkillz. 

Today he works with a wide variety of artists and inspires many of his listeners with a unique flow, as well as sophisticated themes, to impressive choruses in harmony with timeless lyrics.

We’re quite mesmerised by how ”Generation Mittlefinger” sounds and of course would love for you to follow him via social media!