Josy B’s new single is reaching out to us through fresh, stylish and moody Pop-RnB vibes that move beyond our expectations and submerge us into her flow as an artist.

The song is really well written, catchy and easy to relate to with a clear message: All women go through tough times, you are not alone”. An anthem about dating life, relationship issues and hard times in love.

She is doing way more than just singing, she is creating perfection and style around the lyrics, founding an ambient full of flow, energy and personality that won’t dissipate for a long time and of course, bringing a new feeling to the song that for us, it became one of our favourites from her catalogue.

We love many things from her apart from the song, the wonderful curated image she has and the great background of her Spotify profile tells us all we need to know. It’s flawless, and the elegance of her sound is beyond compare. We’re standing in front of an artist that will keep growing and delivering quality to the audience.

But who is her?

Josy B has always offered songs that have these gravitatingauras in them. She is an individual artist who has never failed to woo her audience with her magnetic musical statistics. The pop traits made the song extremely enjoyable for its listeners. She started her musical journey in 2007 with ‘Red Rum’. And after that, she has been through this oscillating road to acquiring success in her life. And with time she has cultivated her musical formation and gained the heights with determination and dedication to this form of art.
From the opening portion to the pinnacle, her voice has compelled the audience profoundly.

One of the things that characterise Josy B after listening to her for the first time was the tone of voice and how it blends perfectly with the music she is creating, it fits perfectly into a well-balanced mix, and the way she expresses and performs as a vocalist keeps the intention and the mood flowing along during the entire song… is not acting, she is clearly feeling each word and this song is a wonderful gift for us.

Such is the vibe of this song that we want you to show some support by following Josy B on her Spotify, Apple Music as well as subscribing to all her channels.

BTW! There is a Lyric Video as well!