As elections move closer to a more decisive edge, we are all wondering if there is anything able to take our minds off, to make us feel something again, to bring hope and a bit of laughter into our system. That’s when Holy Smoke’s music hits right in! Their new song ”Stephen Colbert for President” is reaching great numbers since it’s release not only due to the straight directed lyrics, but also because of the ”comedy” the song is bringing to the table.

Their new Lyric Video for the song is already on more than 35.000 views while their song on Spotify has reached over 43.000 streams and keeps growing at a fast pace!

With an incredible well prepared graphic design and real Rock music created in Maine, USA we can clearly see a path to victory for them. Holy Smoke adds to their catalogue a perfect song that can resonate for the years to come along with their hit ”Is This America” and ”Tuned In (Antenna Up)”

What do you think of ”Stephen Colbert for President”? Will the song make it to your playlists?

Will you join the movement? #MakeAmericaRockAgain #MARA