Henksson and Sex&Champagne Music Crew are those kind of artists that do music because they really love it, they don’t expect anything in return, is just them, their sound and sharing what they enjoy creating it.

This is the core of their songs and we had to share a proper review with you about them!

First, let’s go with Henksson. His new Album is proof of the amount of hard work the artist can endure, there are 13 key songs that any Hip Hop lover should be listening to.

This album will make you sink with him to his life and experiences with his crew members, it has the potential for greatness and it’s fully available for streaming on all platforms.


Once you know Henksson and you feel more connected to his uniqueness is time to dive in into his crew, as they call themselves Sex&Champagne Music Crew.

Curious detail, they hold different profiles on Streaming platforms, this gives power to our conviction about their wit and determination in the industry.

Their new 2 songs EP is as worth listening as each song from Henksson alone.

The dark side each sound has, the trap elements surrounding it, the vibrations and energy they have together, it makes ”Graveyard Melodies” an ”all time favs” for us. This leads our focus towards a crew that has charisma and potential.

2 songs, 2 sides of the coin and all possible for you to enjoy in here!

As always, be sure to show some support via social media as well as following on Spotify! We will stay tuned to their upcoming music.