A flawless Music Video by a beautiful artist with a brilliant and magical sound, that’s the best way we can describe Amiena and her music. Especially her new song ”Great Escape” that comes with a Music Video that will leave you speechless.

This new Single is a bright as her soul, it made us feel alive, put us under her skin like a journey along a relationship that went wrong and we didn’t know we had. Is time for us to share a bit more about this new single and how great it was listening to her sound!

A Music Video that will remain in our memories during a long and wonderful career

We’ve listened to great music along the years, tons of reviews come and go but barely few times we see such a perfectly crafted work and when songwriting meets feelings, we have to share it with all of you!

In this particular case we can say for certain that she elevated her channel and music to a new level. Clearly people will appreciate having such HQ sound and visuals when discovering her music.

The message for honesty and clarity swings from the core of her singing, there Is pain, regret and sadness but at the same time we feel self-love, strength and confidence in the voice. We feel like this song has the potential to become one of the most important onces for her, it’s ageless, like a breath of that music we loved being reinvented into new and modern ways. If there is any thin line between success and fits of ecstasy, then this song is able to bring you to that place. 

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