”Please, Raise Your Hands” is his first song and it’s a glimpse of the music we can expect coming his way. We’re more than thrilled about it!

Belgium based producer combining different styles of electronic music into quircky yet original up-beat tunes, just with the aim of bringing more joy into people’s lives. So not another love song or a series of melancholic chords. It’s time for something else. GR4VTY’s aim is to always create something different, fun and exciting. 

Gr4vty’s music has entails a game of electronic patterns and chords that are so well combined you can’t even realise of how complex and well crafted they are, concealing sounds behind layers of reverb and placing the passion and soul right up at the front of the mix, daring the listener to dig to get to the core of it all. He has gifted his new audience used to a high quality production and he intends to keep going as his numbers keep raising with each release and he gets closer to them via Social Media as well as Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms.

”Please, Raise Your Hands” offers a unique approach, fresh, vibrant and more conceptual—track. The song was fully conceived by himself without hardware involved and that, to us, shows a new dimension to his expertise, a soft and gentle sound, and often fairly sparse, yet imbued with all the sweetness, complexity, and intensity of the emotions he aims to inject into the listener.

Suggesting unchanging rhythms with new sounds and styles that feel like an esoteric phenomena, Gr4vty furnishes the mind’s eye with imagined visuals, pairing rich melodies with a different drop from what I’ve listened before.

The artist, highly active on social media is easy approachable! Be sure to leave a follow on Spotify as well as his social media to show some support as he is hinting us new productions coming in the near future.