Wonderful to say the least, Washington based Dama Juda keeps her uniqueness intact on her new song ”Goodbye”.

This song is more than just a tune, her voice is as flawless as expected, the lyrics are composed in such a perfect way and the progressive development of the song adding the drums and extra sounds to increase the amount of emotions inflicted on the listener are unexpected but perfectly positioned in the composition.

”I can’t believe this is from an independent Artist” says one of our team members.

About the Songwriting on “Goodbye”: After a tough breakup, sometimes it’s hard to move on. There were days when phone calls could easily pull me back in even when I knew the relationship would fail. How many times can you say goodbye? Even worse, can your mind and heart accept that goodbye? You will hear the struggle written in the song as sure as night hits at the end of the day. And finally, you get tired of the constant circle and the final goodbye has come. 

Clear to us that her career has just started in the right ways, with a top level production and the right genre for her ethereal vibes. ”Goodbye” is easy listening, perfect for a wide arrange of audiences and so easy to play on repeat for those who give the chance to it. The way she slides the vowels of the words has us mesmerised and we can say that more will be coming Dama Juda soon!

But who is Dama Juda?

Independent and multi-talented vocalist/pianist/guitarist. Dama Juda is influenced by classical minor compositions with a blend of pop rock and modern electronic. Post Malone, Halsey, MCR, Carlie Hanson, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, Imagine Dragons, XXXtentacion, Linkin Park, and Blink 182. Dama loves to travel and experience different cultures and walks of life. Every trip she takes back a little piece with her to help her in songwriting, a hobby she developed from a young age. The goal is to write songs that are easy to listen to on repeat and thoughtful/provoking. 

As always we want you to stay in the loop, follow her on social media and share her beautiful sound with your friends and family (as well as add it to your playlists!)