It wasn’t long ago we sat down to talk with our Marketing Director Fer Rivero before closing a deal that benefit us enormously. 8 months ago we had a project in mind, we wanted to create a place where Independent artists would feel safe to promote their music and we would work daily to get them a real audience listening at least once to their song.

We didn’t have any clue on how to start, we started with 0 followers, 0 readers and barely an image, we only had a name: ReThink Music

Lucky for us we were recommended by one friend to FerRiveroMusic and his Agency ”The Algorithm Agency”.

After one conversation we knew a partnership with them would mean success for our project, from a perfectly clear strategy we started with 0 and now have surpassed thousands of readers on our blogs and promoted over 100 artists in our channel. We have rebranded, improved the image and type of posts for our audience, get our own website designed by Fer Rivero and learned so much along the way from beginning to end.

It has been a long journey of learning and having such clear mind map and guidance has make it an easy task for us to handle.

Fer Rivero has been at all times next to us, he has trusted our reviews, the way we see music and found so many artists to showcase in our website.

Few things we’ve learn from him and The Algorithm Agency:

  1. Learning is way more important than numbers

Most artists were trying to reach certain goal paying for it on each release but when we offered to teach them how to achieve it themselves and pay one, 99% of them chose the quick path of showing off numbers. Learning how to promote yourself is as important as having a great song.

2. Invest in your Marketing

Tons of artists wasted big amounts of money in Production but then refuse to spend any money in Marketing. This is a 50/50 game, there is no point in paying 500$ for a song perfectly produced if nobody will listen to it once is out.

3. Blogs are way more valuable than people imagine

We’ve seen artists career lifting from the ground by just a great review on a blog. You may have thousands of streams but nothing compares to posting how great blogs are praising your work. It can make a difference between being found on Google, being chosen for a playlist, being taken seriously in the industry by other artists and is a great way to find new fans who will listen to you with a great opinion before the song plays.

For this and more, we want to extend our cooperation with The Algorithm Agency for longer time, because even if one strategy didn’t work as expected, we had Fer’s mind working on alternatives and new opportunities for each musician we promoted.

Written by Taia