Hip Hop and rap with purpose hits way deeper that any type of song and ”Fear” by DNDMC and Jplus is no exception. From a really catchy trap instrumental and a perfectly rhymed and well thought lyrics to the combined talent of two great rappers with a bit of humour added to the mix!

Song is accompanied by a great Music Video release where from moment 0 you can understand what the song is about. Jplus drops his verses with style, swag and a bit of comedy (wait for the ”Social Distancing” to understand what we are referring to)

Great hook along the song blending both rappers voices that actually can sing quite well! Song doesn’t feel repetitive, lyrics catch the listener’s attention as we’re on a social daily routine this days where news, media and any press out there is working against us to inspire fear on the population rather than helping them understand.

Half of the song plays smooth and we’re already into it, the ”salsa” is served and is time to dip in with DNDMC’s groove and aggressiveness. The dynamics of the song, the chemistry between both of artists, the level of production and the weight of the lyrics makes ”Fear” a must listen song and definitely will appear on our playlists!

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