His name is Ellis B. and he is bringing that deep smooth voice with unique tones into his music. Rooted on the R&B genre his ”Step On” has the type of vibe that captures listeners into moving and feeling the rhythm unconsciously, is a perfect blend between his voice and each of the sounds that compose the song while on the other hand, ”Maybes” delivers a more soulful performance with a great intentional voice and lyrics.

The piano supporting Ellis’s voice here is such an important element to his composition even though you can find different types of instruments crafting chords into perfection in one of his most listened song titled ”Netflix and Chill”, a slow beat that feels sexy to the ears and invites to precisely do that, play it while chilling in your room late night without worrying about anything else.

Fully recommendable listening to the 5 songs he has as ”Just Wanna” and ”Vibe” make a perfect addition to his catalogue!

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