One thing we love about Doctor Ravan is how original his titles and music are. We’ve been seeing him getting into many blogs, getting his music out via Soundcloud and growing hit by hit but this time we’re shocked by this new release!

”Poppa Care Great And Majestic” moves beyond everything. It passed to be our top song from him and we’re here to tell you more about it!

There is fire, passion and truth on each sentence he spits along this powerful song, is like each kick brings us to a new place, there is so much honesty and flow on the way he raps that is understandable the song has over 12.000 plays on Soundcloud in such short time!

The way the song is composed shows us the improvement and constant evolution Doctor Ravan offers to his audience with each new single. We can’t wait to see the artist jumping to other streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music etc…!


Faacebook: Doctor Ravan

Instagram: ramcgee69