An EP that made us feel alive, like a journey along South America, specially around Brazil, as that was the trip that inspired Dannii Scott to create ”Saudade”, an EP full of influences, passion, inspirations and hopes and the result is a wonderful piece.

With 6 songs bringing the feeling of calmness, tranquility and self-reflection we introduce ourselves into his music, somehow Saudade is close to perfect for us, maybe he is teasing us with 6 songs but will release a whole album? The Answer is yes!

The constant pressure in his playing—every note here feels like it has to happen at its own pace— it mines the tension of global emergency, resulting in a Lofi genre that we love and admire. As a result, the music’s introductory recordings are more likely to sink you in the edge of your seat and bring you into gloom. In many spots, he sounds genuinely ecstatic: The pummeling rhythms of “Wish you Well” reach exertion-induced euphoria; “Be my Love” wrings epiphany from each chord; and closer “Ride the Wave” paints a date as a frenetic uprising of emotions.

We found his inner passion inside each of the tracks this EP brought to us and now, is time for us to share a bit more about him and how great it was listening to his sound.