With the massive commercial name Children Of The Void – NOR this Metal hit band is here to stay for a long time! Being around for quite some time and releasing a second single that sounds and achieves what few can. This new 2021 song titled “Dreamcrusher” is a huge success that left a mark in more than one listener. The song might be a second but it proves the potential they have and we can’t wait for you to listen to it!

Few Bands start with such power! Probably one of the factors that made them achieve this was the Production and the vocal strength of their vocalist. If you’re a Metal Lover for sure you will know about them pretty soon as Children Of The Void – NOR intends to keep filling their catalogue with great music. The Cover image from this hit fully represents the song as well.

Let us say this, what a release! From the Composition level to the song’s production, we are pretty sure they have everything to succeed in the industry.

Now, let’s analyse a bit deeper, the introduction just hits us straight where it should, right on with a massive scream and the electric guitars making us feel what’s about to happen, can you imagine this song Live?

If this doesn’t say ”success” all over it, we don’t know what will. Maybe a full music video will convince you to follow them on all their social media!