There is a beauty hidden in music, a deeper language that goes far beyond the sound we listen and Brady Arnold knows how to tap into it, put it into music and release it to the world for us to enjoy it.

He is more than a composer or a singer, he is a one man Band/Singer/Songwriter, his experience on the field runs back long years since 1992, working on success after success, with a long list of hits behind his composing. His music genre of choice is a Progressive / Pop / Industrial and one fun thing we loved about him is his way of describing himself. In his own words:

I’m the longest record holder as the world’s most ignored music artist. This achievement was made despite the fact I avoided girlfriends and relationships for many years in order to “make it” in the music business (ouch).

We love how Brady has a massive talent and we can finally showcase it to the planet, that’s why, to show some support, be sure to subscribe and stay in the loop for more music by him!