The game is about to change thanks to some people and one of them is definitely him! First, before we go ahead with our review we want you to watch his music video for ”Beware (load my gun)”

The music video as well as the song are quite well crafted and is not a surprise for his fans as he has been working on multiple songs to add to his catalogue and delivering a consistent Hip Hop style inside the Genre.

Where can you find talented artists with unique music like him? In really few places is the answer! But who is him?

E-sounds was formally e-lumni, that was started in 2011 with group members s.b,Yung jey,nino poppy. The group put out three mixtapes e-lumni test one e-luzionz and empire before dissolving in 2013 but nino aka Mr old school continue to make music started the hip hop brand E-SOUNDS then went on to recruit young Jay now known as big homie they started dropping singles and dropped there first mixtape together called never ending thoughts then big homie recently dropped his mixtape nothing is promise out now e-sounds has collaborated with many unsigned artist point blank ent CEO Jesse James and many more song rapstar has been featured in we released our video rapstar early in November our sound is a blend of old school and new school over trap beats and smooth hip hop beats the only hip hop brand with such an diversity in there sound never a stale moment or boring sound from E-sounds Mr old school leader of E-sounds song was charted on the drt charts the song lit stayed 8 weeks on the drt charts they also have accumulated a lot of play on soundcloud but there real goal is to provide real smooth hip hop to the masses e-sounds wants to deliver a new wave of real hip hop for your listening pleasure starting out as just a vision has now become a full blown reality of hard work and dedication to the hip hop game E-sound is not a hip hop group it’s a movement Mr old school and big homie are here to stay for 2020 and beyond.