A Canadian new artist on the rise and that is a big gift for us! Whether if you’re into any specific genre of music or not, we all can have a bit more of his music in our lives. On this track he teamed up with Wes Pereira, one of his old university room mates in which they recently reconnected along with Toronto Underground Emcee Die-Rek. 

A joyride of deepness, soulful atmospheres and downtempo Hip Hop music blend with Rap, his music curves, twists, and undulates like a slow-moving river that invites you to flow with him. Drifting through a series of mood-based sounds—Beat Stimulator’s catalogue makes it easy to lose yourself in syncopated melodies and swirling polyrhythms that, in another context, could easily hit 1st position on the charts. Songs like ”Warning Shot” have this soothing, powerful, perfectly synthetic flow—with infectious rhythms and enveloping arrangements that bely its compositional complexity while he fully brings you to a more party oriented feeling. This is where he really shines; in the artist’s skilled hands, versatility is a technique, a way to prioritize atmosphere without sacrificing musicality. This music doesn’t demand close listening, but it sure rewards it. It can take four or five spins to hear everything that’s going on in a song.

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Twitter -@beatstimz
Instagram – beat_stimulator