Igor just released his new song called ”Positivo”. An upbeat and cheerful song that makes our days brighter!

We asked Igor a bit about the story of this song, listen to it while you read more!

The song is inspired by the current situation in the world and how the world has changed with time. There are to many separations in our society, there is less humanity and lot of fake people. Everyone is just looking his own interest without thinking of other people.

We also forgot about the nature and now things have changed. We are all afraid and concerned about our future, but now it’s the right time that we change the consciousness of some people and try to make something good for the world all together.

The song is made to keep positivity around, to prevent people of being aggressive and to send the message of unity and respect throughout the world.

All of my songs are pretty much with the same message, in different languages.

Positivo has a nice rhythm, it is very positive 🙂 

You will probably notice a few misspelling in my lyrics, but that’s how I wrote it and how I feel it. Hope it sounds good all together with the music.

There are a lot of emotions behind this song, and I hope the people will feel this emotions, and I hope that the message will touch some people.

The best? The song has a wonderful music video!

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