We’re going to be listening to julian for a long time!

He has the fire, the wit, the power, style and uniqueness to deliver a perfectly crafted songs like ”Insecurity” is. He exceeded expectations with this collaboration feat producer/songwriter ‘LCDWVES (lucidwaves) and the results is incredible! So much that we want to tell you all about it!

This song explores and addresses their perspectives of love and relationships, in particular a sense of insecurity. Insecurity (or being insecure) is defined by ‘a lack of confidence, uncertainty and anxiety’, or having ‘lack of protection’. These two meanings were used by julian. and LCDWVES to present two sides of a story: LCDWVES exploring the process of gathering the confidence and the courage to let go, while julian. discovering his inner feelings and desires to be with the one that he is emotionally attached to, as if it were looking at yourself in the mirror and revealing your strengths and your flaws.

This is all we could ask for, Lo Fi/Hip Hop music over a great beat that feels authentic and sets the mood when the slow influences hit right in. He has nice honest lyrics and great flow and voice tones, he keeps his essence alive and elevates his music to a new level! The song is catchy, easy-listening, has great tempo and we are feeling it so much it was worth adding it to our playlists on Spotify!

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