A beautiful Lyric Video makes our dreams come true for the Holiday season! Aria has touched our hearts beyond our imagination with a perfectly composed song and a well-planned Lyric video.

Like finding a lighthouse far in an ocean crowded with waves, we found his new single titled “A #Christmas Letter” in a vast catalogue of music, making us breathe, stop and enjoy a different sound.

To a new listener, it might feel like a relatively new artist, but Aria definitely knows how to make people enjoy the sound of his compositions and has been around for longer than people imagine.

Apart from being extremely talented, Producer and Composer Aria has a deeper creative mind that we can’t wait to explore and dive into as he releases more singles and the female voice leading the song adds the perfect sweetness to the whole experience!
The song evolves progressively, brings perfectly chosen changes to the rhythm and keeps the pulse on as it develops. Even the length of the single is perfect to be enough but still leaves us hanging for more, something that encourages repetition and feeds the loop for the listener.
The way she plays with her voice and how the composition captures the audience with the blend of instruments and lyrics is proof of the great career he has ahead.

But who is he?

Aria is the stage name of music producer and composer Mariano Schiavolini.

Aria is one of those multi-instrumentalist artists who produce their own music and incorporate the best musicians offered by the international market. The first of the ilk were Mike Oldfield, and Alan Parson, and lately Rudimental.

The producing artist characterises his own work and is immediately identifiable, even if he uses different vocalists, in that he creates musical proposals, based on research, without looking at the market that surrounds him. Therefore, he should be immediately recognizable, even if he proposes music from different genres.

Aria is an active environmentalist and animal advocate, supporting several associations including Animals Asia Foundation, which is committed to ending bear farming on bile farms and improving the living conditions for animals in Asia. In 2013 he created the website www.ilvolodellaquila.it/www.flightoftheeagle.com, dedicating his music to the fight against poaching.

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