Ildeo Diamante’s new EP titled “Erratic Dysfunction” is reaching out to us through slow kicks and breathy melodies that move beyond our expectations.

“Passion”, his first song is just mesmerising to listen to, is calm, yet upbeat and energetic and filled with sensuality.

He is doing way more than just singing, he is creating perfection and magic around the lyrics, founding and ambient that won’t dissipate for a long time and of course, bringing a new feeling to the song that for us, it became one of our favourites.

Apart from a wonderful cover image and a great background that makes him look flawless, the elegance of his sound is beyond compare. We’re standing in front of an artist that will keep growing and delivering quality to the audience.

One of the things that characterise Ildeo Diamante after listening to him for the first time was his tone of voice and how it blends perfectly with the instrumental, creating a well-balanced mix, the way that keeps the intention and the mood flowing along during the entire song… is not acting, he is clearly feeling each word and this song is a wonderful gift for us.

But who is he?

Ildeo Diamante started out singing at the age of 7 in church. after singing his first solo and getting a standing ovation he knew this is what he wanted to do with his life. After his first solo, he learned how to play the piano and honed in on his vocal talent. He started recording at the age of 15 but didn’t have anything to sing about nor was he as confident to release anything. He released his first EP and song at the age of 21. Releasing his first EP “to all my exes” taught him a lot about this industry and things to do when putting out a record. Now at 23 he is back and has released his brand new EP “Erratic Dysfunction” with the two new singles “Passion” and “Love you no more”. This new EP is very different dynamically from the first one. He used lots of harmonies and he was more comfortable recording while his writing and vocals have grown and changed tremendously.

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