Andrea Pizzo is clearly making us enjoy to music with this 2 new songs that we can’t stop listening over and over!

You know you’re up for something big when your song sounds as great as both ”Road To Universe” and ”Song Of Nothing” in such a short time as an Indie Artist.

The fire, the wit, the power, style and uniqueness to deliver a perfectly crafted songs like this ones are. Definitely exceeded expectations with this releases and earned a deserved spot in our playlists.

We feel how both songs could sync with us with each second, the lyrics, the mood, the guitars are just vibrant and powerful!

There is great sense of rhythm that keeps the essence alive and elevates music to a new level! Both songs are catchy, easy-listening, have great tempo and we are feeling it so much it was worth every second of our time.

Road To Universe

This space rock song is dedicated to the time when humanity will be able to do interstellar travel, it is inspired by some reflections of the nobel prize for physics 2020 Roger Penrose about the advent of the “coming Spaceman”. It is also a tribute to 2001 a Space Odyssey and Star Trek.

Song Of Nothing (B side)

This ballad is a reflection on the human condition, on the finitude of our experiences on this planet

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