Her voice is beautiful, fresh, different, unique and filled with an atmosphere of passion and emotions.

Like finding a lighthouse far in an ocean crowded with waves, we found Carole Sylvan and her new EP “Something Goin’ On” in a vast catalogue of wonderful music, she made us breathe, stop and enjoy a different sound.

Carole Sylvan might be a new artist for you, but she has been creating, singing and delivering music for quite some time! She definitely knows how to make people enjoy the sound of her new songs and has the power to achieve anything! From “Savin’ up For Your Love” to ” You Can Make It If You Try It”, they sound jazzy, mixed with blues and similar influences. The instrumental is perfectly composed, placed there to lift her up and showcase the beautiful tones of her voice.

Apart from being extremely talented, singer and songwriter Ms. Sylvan has a deeper creative mind that we can’t wait to explore and dive into as he releases more singles! So far she has a Top 10 Billboard Dance hit!

She literally made our day when she released the EP and we’re over thrilled for his new single “Something Goin’ On” to start reaching higher spots on the charts.

The songs evolve progressively, bring great chosen changes to the rhythm and keep the pulse on as they develop.
The way she plays with her voice and how she captures the audience with the lyrics is proof of the great career she has ahead.

Be sure to stay in the loop and follow her on all platforms since she will be performing during the summer! https://soundcloud.com/carolesylvanmusic