Immense talent and a great future ahead coming for Kidd Doozie. With a brand of wicked punchlines and high quality-sounding instrumentals he was able to deliver a full album, perfectly crafted and written by him with only 19 years old. Some people might think Rap would rarely receive widespread recognition but he is proving quite the opposite—there’s no longer a career ceiling on the half British/half spanish rapper.

A cornerstone of his essence is how he raps about the most inconsequential parts of the most eventful moments. Something easy for somebody who has been rapping, singing and recording music since he was 15 y.o.

One key point of his success, the support from his friends and family, along with him since day 1. As his background is European but major part of his life he grew up on Michigan, he began making music and rapping in English as he became more passionate with US Hip Hop & Rap culture but as he has gotten older and more experienced Kidd Doozie have branched out and claimed a unique style of rap which features a blend of Spanish and English Underground, Old school rap and hip/hop sounds.

As he said: Being able to express myself in two languages does not only help expand my audience it has also enabled me to expand my music and style in creative ways.

We personally believe that the album has an incredible potential to make it to top charts! It’s the uniqueness of each song and how well combined it is that makes it shine and be the center of appreciation.

As always, the best way to show love and support is following the artist on all social media and you can even listen to Kidd Doozie’s masterpiece right here!