Batme is a sonic pioneer, charting uncharted realms of sound and rhythm. The Polish-born, Spain-based music producer and composer, Piotr Szwach, under the guise of Batme, is a visionary artist mixing unique styles of electronic genres.

Batme’s musical journey is a captivating fusion of future bass, electro-soul, EDM, trap, indie pop, experimental electronica, house, and UK garage. With an eclectic array of influences ranging from Flume to Bass Astral x Igo, Batme’s sonic palette knows no bounds.

One of the standout features of Batme’s musical talents is his innovative approach to production. He uses an extensive arsenal of analogue gear to carefully curate his soundscapes, giving them a distinctive texture and depth.

But our focus goes to Batme’s newest single, “In Your Heart – BATME Remix”, a song that shows his ability to push the boundaries of electronic music. The track invites listeners into a hypnotic world, where gritty melodies create a sonic journey that explores the theme of seeking strong, reliable partners, a sentiment that resonates beyond the realm of music. His music transcends borders, offering a universal language that transcends cultural boundaries.

What sets Batme apart is his evolution from a background in composing music for films, documentaries, and video games. This extensive experience informs his solo career, infusing his music with a cinematic quality that transports listeners to vivid sonic landscapes.

To us, Batme is a maestro of electronica who dares to explore the uncharted territories of sound. With this remix and his innovative approach to production, he beckons listeners to embark on a musical odyssey filled with emotion, depth, and limitless potential. As Batme continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, he undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression on the ever-evolving genre.

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